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Summary: Book One of the series: The Great Below
Michael Kenmore before capture, being named and experimented upon by humans had grown up with only a few simple dreams and goals: a burning desire to survive, learn and to never ever disappoint the Queen - his mother or especially the Commander – his father. After his first hunt one fierce human female changes everything.

Categories: Ship Pairings > Michael Kenmore/Other
Characters: Michael Kenmore, Original Character, Other, Todd
Genres: Character Study, Hurt Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Adult themes, Character death
Challenges: Past to Now, Todd the Wraith
Chapters: 9 [Table of Contents]
Series: The Great Below

Word count: 30649; Completed: No
Updated: 28 Jan 2012; Published: 12 Aug 2011
Something by Cease_Sphire [NC-17]
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Summary: Book Three of the series: The Great Below.
Prior to Michael's escape from M8G-352 Dr. Gwen Reyes confesses to what really happened between Michael and her during his escape attempted which resulted in the death of Sergeant Andrew Cole. Bound by the consequences of her actions, Gwen throws herself into Michael's work at the request of Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard in the hopes to make up for her one mistake. As the years painfully pass and possibly millions in the Pegasus Galaxy suffer under Michael's descent into possible madness and the all-consuming need for revenge, Gwen's love for him twists into hatred. During that time a growing friendship with John becomes one of her few comforts. Now with Atlantis returning from Earth and Michael long dead, John and Gwen struggle to move on but one more of Michael's labs has yet to be explored. (Warning: Character Deaths and Adult Themes)

Updated: 26 Nov 2011; Published: 04 Aug 2011
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Summary: Book Two of the series: The Great Below.
After Dr. Gwen Reyes and Lt. Michael Kenmore's accidental run in, Dr. Elisabeth Weir decides to leave what comes next entirely up to them. She as well as Dr. Heightmeyer hope, that if Michael can make a connection with Gwen, it will be the first in many steps to fully integrate him into humanity. The rest of the senior members of the Atlantis expedition however are less than thrilled by the idea of staying out of the two's way. But with Michael under constant guard and Lt. Col. Sheppard assigned to oversee this new aspect to the experiment, most are confident of Gwen's safety and grudgingly relent. (Warning: Minor character death and Adult Themes)

Updated: 20 Jul 2011; Published: 19 Jun 2011